Small Direct Debit

The cheapest and simplest direct debit.

Do you need a cheap direct debit to qualify for a bank offer? We provide the smallest direct debit on the market – for only £1 a year. Save over 90% compared to our competitors.

Please note, this is a once a year direct debit. Some bank offers require a monthly direct debit. Please see below the different options on offer for direct debits that are charged monthly. 

Choose a monthly Direct Debit


£1 a month
This Direct Debit takes £1 each month, starting as soon as possible.

First Day

£1 a month
This Direct Debit takes £1 on the first working day of each month.

Last Day

£1 a month
This Direct Debit takes £1 on the last working day of each month.

The direct debit will be set up through Gocardless, a payment processing company which collects direct debits for over 30,000 businesses. By clicking on the direct debit button, you will be redirected to the Gocardless website to set up the direct debit. The direct debit is set up to MCDD. Signing up should take less than a minute. You can cancel it at any time, and are protected by The Direct Debit Guarantee. For more information, see our FAQ’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about cheap direct debits.

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The fastest way to get an answer to your question is by checking the FAQs section above. If your enquiry is not addressed in the FAQs, please contact us using this form. Alternatively, you can email us at 

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